INALCO presents iTOPKer, 12 mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs in large format 1500x3200 mm. Mainly conceived for use as a kitchen counter, thanks to the extra large size of the slabs, iTOPKer offers a potential design that has until now been unimaginable, without the need to make joints. iTOPKer can also be used in the most ambitious, complex and fascinating applications, making people's lives much easier.

Azalai Negro Natural
Larsen Super Blanco Natural
Jasper Moka Abujardado
Geo Gris Abujardado
Zafra Crema Natural
Iseo Gris Abujardado
Touchè Gris Natural
Masai Abujardado
Storm Negro Natural
Petra Crema Abujardado
Antal Gris Natural
Antal Crema Natural
Fluorite Blanco Natural
Cosmos Crema Natural
Cosmos Piedra Natural
Silk B Blanco Natural
Silk B Gris Natural
Silk B Camel Natural
Silk B Negro Natural
Silk B Moka Natural
Silk B Perla Natural
Mostra altro

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