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Our company

Born in Conegliano in the late eighties and today is a leader in the distribution of quartz agglomerates, marble and porcelain stoneware. Over the years, the experience, the passion and the continuous improvement of the service offered to customers has allowed the company to grow and establish itself in the territory. Thanks to its dynamic structure, the company has transformed the use of marble and granite materials in design works perfectly able to complete the new ideas developed by the project head designer of all product innovations in both the bathroom furniture sector and in the kitchen, the floors and walls.

The office is located in Sacile, on the border between Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto. And 'directly it connected to the motorway and is located in the heart of the furniture district triveneto. Entirely designed by RomEco Sas to best meet their operational needs includes: reception, offices, design studios, two deposits covered and showrooms where they can view the materials and some possible applications of the same..

The proposed materials are industrially processed to ensure the utmost accuracy in measurements and to ensure timely deliveries. The special finishes are based on the skill of the craftsmen stonemasons who with their talent and their creativity can customize and make unique any type of finish. Practicality, durability and innovative design, these are the basic features for a work top, it's for a kitchen or a bathroom. Blades, water, perennial concentration and great experience are the winning weapons to be able to provide the perfection to those who really want.

the quartz agglomerates, marble and porcelain tiles are the answer to every need of our customers. The RomEco Sas works with leading manufacturers in the industry, for the choice and distribution of these innovative materials. Today more than ever it is important to offer high quality products and durable.

Materials to live ...

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